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Wedding Cake - Final Assembly and a Big Day
Addition to the family!
Roses, roses, roses
Wedding Cake - Final Edition

pictures of the completed wedding cake added
Views: 1207 | Added by: NinjaTurtle | Date: 02.10.2011

The picture of the cake topping - bride hat and groom hat - added. Have fun!
Views: 999 | Added by: NinjaTurtle | Date: 11.09.2011

Our cake set now has a company
Views: 1120 | Added by: NinjaTurtle | Date: 11.09.2011

As promised - step-by-step process of gum paste roses added
Views: 1026 | Added by: NinjaTurtle | Date: 11.09.2011

Cake design approved and finalized. Just a week before the wedding date. OMG! Details on the blog page
Views: 1446 | Added by: NinjaTurtle | Date: 08.09.2011

I was planning this site inially as an art Gallery. Works in progress, imprimature, art shows and so on. And the first entry was supposed to be art-related. But life is life - my little darling baby-sister is getting married in September. Just let her new life be as wonderful as she dares to dream. And my tiny little contribution would be the wedding cake. So, this is where I am starting today - the design is approved, the approval for the cake itself still pending. I will start working on some sugarpaste flowers. Step-by-step pictures are coming.
Views: 1221 | Added by: NinjaTurtle | Date: 29.08.2011

Views: 940 | Added by: NinjaTurtle | Date: 03.08.2011

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